Posted by Kathleen Blaney

summer essentials

We're well into the summer and we're already feeling the heat, but we still have plenty of time to stock up on our favorite summer essentials. These top choices will help you keep a beautiful summer look and glowing skin all through the heat of the season. 



We love outdoor summertime fun and healthy activities and we know you do too. However, we must not forget to be kind to our skin. Especially to our face. With sweat comes dirt and it deposits right into our pores.


It's important to use a nontoxic gentle cleanser to keep those pores clean and your face fresh. Usually a morning and evening routine would do; but after intense outdoor activities, we must be diligent in remembering to gently cleanse the face to remove any impurities. Including the “ice facial” in your summertime regimen is also a great way to clean out pores and keep your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Finally, finish with a swipe of one of Simply Nontoxic Toners to remove residual deposits and for extra relief! 


We like to keep inflammation down all year long, but in the summer it's particularly important. Depending on your skin type and the climate you live in, whether it's hot and dry or hot and humid, calming your skin can ward off premature aging, acne and age spots. Our water-based Nontoxic Go-2 Calming Gel and Soothing Serum can be added to any skin care regimen to calm the skin and fight off the effects of inflammation, no matter where you live.  


Incorporating a vitamin C gel, like our Mega-C Serum, offers an excellent antioxidant option. Not only does it ward off the signs of aging, it is a wonderful adjunct to sunscreen protection. Also, our Apple Stem Brightening Serum will brighten and renew your skin with an organic blend of five proven natural skin brighteners. Perfect to boost cellular enhancement and UV resistance!


Exfoliating the skin regularly is also important in the summer, but you don't want to do it too often. Exfoliation routine should vary depending on skin type, sun exposure, outdoor activities and climate. Two gentle solutions are the Enzymatic Mask or the Dual Action Brightening Mask. They use the power of organic nutrients to smooth and refine skin without irritation and help clean out pores, removing any remaining debris left over from dead skin cells.

Pro Tip! Exfoliating over sunburned skin is always a no-no! 

Eye area

Don't forget the delicate eye area! Our favorite pick for this summer is our AM Intensive Eye Treatment. It’s just the right product for cooling off the gentle eye area. And for an extra punch of hydration at night, pack on our PM Intensive Eye Treatment if you are feeling extra dry around the eyes.

Pro Tip! Keep your gel based products in the refrigerator for extra cooling effect. 



Keep it Light

The last thing we want is feel our makeup melt right off our face. We recommend using a light super sheer primer, like our BB cream and top it off with our super light Loose Mineral Foundation with an SPF 26 to cover any imperfections. 


Long lovely lashes are always in. So why not add a Nontoxic Mascara to make your lashes thick and beautiful. Our toxin-free Defining Natural Mascara will not run or burn your eyes with even the slightest drop of sweat from your summer fun! 


The neutrals, nude and shimmering lids are in this summer! With a full selection of our Loose Mineral Color in various colors, as well as our Customizable Quad Compact with four fabulous Nontoxic Neutral Pressed Colors we've got you covered.


Corals and flush tone pinks add a splash of color and create a "flattering" glow for the cheeks. Our Loose Mineral Blush is perfect to add just a touch of color to the cheek area. Add some Loose Mineral Radiance just above the cheek area for a special summer look. We love the color Twilight for just the right amount of glow without an oily appearance.

Don’t forget those bronzers. If you are not a sun goddess, a Nontoxic Loose Bronzer may be the right choice to get a sun kissed glow - and keep it - not only on your face, but on your body too!

Tip! A little goes a long way, so start off with the tiniest amount and work upwards to obtain that perfect look. So swirl away! 


Bright bold lips have been all the rage this summer, and as always Simply Nontoxic Cosmetics has you covered; with dozens of colors to choose from and a large variety of textures and finishes! We recommend topping lips with one of our hydrating glosses to add extra shine and a moisture boost to the lips! Check out our Nontoxic Hydrating Lipstick  or Lip Gloss, to view our full range of neutrals, coral, pinks and reds.

 No matter what summertime regimen or makeup look you choose this summer - or any season - Simply Nontoxic Cosmetics believes fads may come and go, but confidence is always in style! Rock your individuality. Be YOU, be unique, be beautiful and be nontoxic, with Simply Nontoxic Cosmetics.