Posted by Kathleen Blaney

Resolutions Healthy Skin 2017

Healthy and glowing looking skin is the result of multiple factors. The products you use, what you eat and drink, but mostly your daily habits. How about a few simple changes? This is the perfect time to challenge yourself: follow these tips, stay consistent and your skin will thank you.

1. Start Treating Your Skin As Part of A Whole Healthy System

At Simply Nontoxic Cosmetics, we offer toxin-free products packed with natural and organic ingredients that can visibly improve the texture of your skin, soothe redness and rough patches, and so on. But not even the best product will magically heal your skin if you are not supporting your body from the inside. So start treating your skin as part of a whole, beautiful, healthy system, from the food you eat to the hours you sleep, keep your life as balanced as possible and your body will naturally restore your skin glow. 

2. Enjoy #NoMakeup Mondays (Or any day of the week!)

First of all, your skin can really use a break from makeup. Not only you'll allow your skin to breathe, but you'll also feel empowered and free in your own beautiful and natural self. Wear your smile with confidence!

3. Remove Your Makeup and Wash Your Face Every Single Night

When you actually do wear makeup, make sure to remove any trace of it at night. Make a promise to yourself or take on a challenge: wash and cleanse your face thoroughly every night before bed. When pores are clean, your skin can rest and better absorb nutrients from your night cremes and treatments. Make sure to use a nontoxic gentle cleanser.

4. Read - And Understand - Labels

Skin absorbs about 60% of what we put on it, so the skincare products we use are as important as the food we eat. Again - let's think of our body as a whole. So another key resolution for your skin, beauty and overall balance is to educate yourself. Do you really know what ingredients are in the products you use? Do you really know if any of those ingredients are toxic? Because we like to be transparent, when we say non-toxic we mean it.


So what's one of your beauty resolutions for 2017? 

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