Posted by Kathleen Blaney

Spring skincare

As we continue to celebrate women this month, we enter the season of rebirth, growth and renewal. Three months into the year have gone so fast. But take a moment to breathe in and celebrate yourself, the wins you have achieved so far. You deserve it.

And so does your skin.

Women nowadays take up big and small responsibilities in life and a lot of times, we put ourselves on the back burner, somehow we forget the importance of taking care of ourselves.

For once, put yourself first today. Be comfortable in your own skin. And we'll help you do it. We brush aside all the fancy technologies and popping new trends, sticking to one basic idea: making non-toxic and responsible products so you can let your natural beauty out. Take it like the first step toward your better self. 

Now enjoy 70% off storewide for a limited time. These tree picks will make your choice much easier and your skin glowing!

Mask it up! Dual Action Nontoxic Brightening Mask (From $58 Now $17)

Gently buff away impurities and dead surface cells toning, smoothing and purifying facial skin revealing a healthier complexion with all natural beauty products. Infused with organic ingredients like squamosa, derived from the Sugar Apple Tree, is combined with powerful Nutripeptides to enhance collagen production and improve intercellular cohesion. Anti-aging free radical scavengers derived from Pomegranate, Cranberry, Vitamins C and E provide protection from harsh environmental aggressors leaving skin looking and feeling healthy all year round! 

Skin Type: All Skin Types Except Sensitive.


Balance it out! Clarity Balancing Gel (From $59 Now $17)

When it comes to all natural skin products our organic lightweight gel is ideal for use by those with eruptive, oily or problem skin. Vital nontoxic oil balancing nutrients are delivered to the skin in a soothing gel that absorbs quickly. Excess sebum seems to disappear, minimizing shine and oily appearance. Retinyl Palmitate and Salicylic Acid gently slough off dead skin cells revealing a brighter complexion. Clarity Balancing Gel can be used daily as a moisturizer or as a spot treatment targeting stubborn blemishes.

Skin Type: oily, combination


Spring it up! Organic Loose Mineral Eye Color  (From $16 Now $5)

Bring a touch of spring to your eyes! A multifunctional, finely milled, pigment rich, organic Loose Mineral Eye Color (pick from 19 colors).

Can be easily blended dry for an everyday look or applied wet for a bold high-sheen effect. 

Simply Nontoxic Cosmetics has formulated all of our all-natural mineral products from the highest quality, finely milled pharmaceutical-grade minerals. Free of talc, starch, perfumes, dyes, and non-natural ingredients, each formulation works with your skin, instead of against it.

Turn a new leaf with SNT Cosmetics and enjoy 70% off all products with our promo code “WOMEN70STRONG” until 31 March! Love yourself and be gentle to your skin. Pamper yourself and all those you love.