Posted by Kathleen Blaney


We are full swing in holiday season and we would all love to maintain that skin glow, find that perfect foundation tone and just ditch the puffiness, redness and breakouts. So while you prepare for the next holiday party or family gathering, we have three special treats for your skin.

Special Treat for Puffy Eyes

Staying up late, celebrating into the wee hours, over indulging in fatty food and sugary drinks can leave your eyes with a hangover. A proper skin regimen or just a quick skin treat can reduce that puffiness around your eyes and improve the overall skin's texture and look.

AM Intensive Eye Treatment: this organic and natural treatment is a botanical remedy that you can use in your morning and nighttime routine. Perfect to soothe, hydrate and brightened the skin around your eyes after a long night out.

Special Treat for Stressed Skin

The too-much-to-do-in-too-little-time holiday syndrome can leave your nerves frayed and your skin blemished. So how do we fight this on-going battle? With the power of botanicals and organic ingredients.

A healthy dollop of our Vitamin A Crème: thanks to its organic ingredients like Echinacea Extract, Vitamin A and Tea Tree Oil, this crème is built to improve the appearance of imperfections, blackheads, discoloration, fine lines and blemishes. To calm eruptive skin, the Chamomile, Yucca and Arnica Extracts will help you say so-long to stressed skin and leave you with softness and hydration without leaving oily traces.

Special Treat for Flushed Face

Brrrrr, it’s cold outside! Flushed face from standing too long in a heated room, over a hot stove or sitting by the fireplace? Refresh, hydrate, replenish your face, all with one feeling-good mist.

Revitalizing Mineral Mist: this fresh mist will save the day. This unique ultra-fine organic Mineral Complex containing Dead Sea Salts and Organic Seaweed Extract offers mineral and nutritional benefits while restoring hydration and replenishing equilibrium! Excellent for frequent application, you can spray away and use it throughout the day.


We believe in a toxin-free skin regimen, we believe in healthy, glowing skin all year round.

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