Posted by Kathleen Blaney

Ice Facial

It’s hot! Whew! What was the first thing I reach for after coming in from a walk? Ice! As I drank my iced water cooling off and rubbing the glass along my face, the age old technique of icing popped into my head. After scouring the internet and doing research, I decided to give it a try. After trying and tweaking this technique, it was decided. We need to talk about this!

 What is icing anyway?

Icing is a simple, yet delicate technique that uses ice as a beauty routine to improve the look and feel of the face. 

From simply refreshing the face to helping what seems like the never ending battle of the dreaded blemish, icing is a dream come true.

So how can you get the best possible results? What are the benefits and techniques, and how can you combine ice and your current skin care regimen together?

First things first. Here are 7 benefits of Icing:

  • Helps remove debris from hair follicle (the pores) and tightens the skin, especially around the cheek area
  • Helps soothe and smooth the skin.
  • Helps skin care products penetrate the skin and into the pores more easily.
  • Reduces inflammatory acne and the unexpected blemish.
  • Reduces inflammation and redness of the skin.
  • Improves circulation and reduces general puffiness of the face, instantly refreshing the skin.
  • Reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

    How do I do an Ice Facial at Home?

    With much trial and error I found a balance of some of the techniques used for icing. I have combined them into my general skin care regimen, as an effective and pleasing routine. 

    1. Pre-freeze filtered water into sanitized ice cube trays. I prefer the smaller ice cubes or block cubes. Add toxin-free toner to some, or leave some with just water. It’s up to you. Tip! Separate your ice in a freezer bag to avoid outside exposure and properly label them.
    2. Gently cleanse your face. Use a non-toxic facial cleanser for a couple of minutes using tepid water and rinse. Tip! Do not scrub or rub the face vigorously before icing. Just blot dry with a sanitized face cloth.
    3. Directly rub the ice with a gentle and quick circular motion. Do it around different parts of your face, taking extra care around the eyes. Avoid harsh rubbing. Tip! Never hold the ice directly in your hands; place one or two cubes of the toner-ice in a soft, non-abrasive towel. Wait a few seconds until the cubes start melting slightly and the cloth is moist. Remember to use a face cloth that has been previously cleaned and sanitized using unscented detergent without fabric softener.
    4. Repeat for up to 2 minutes as tolerated. Tip! If using a toner infused cube, avoid the eyes. Instead save the water only cube for the under eye area. 

    Pro Tip: Blemishes!

    If you have a pesky blemish, hold a cube directly over the area for about 5 seconds. Then, in a circular motion, move the cube around the blemish until the area feels cool. This will soothe the inflammation and help open and clean out the pore, reducing the blemish appearance. 

    You’re done! Ahhh.

    Blot dry and continue with your regular skin care regimen. And remember, Icing can be used all year long to maintain a healthy youthful glow, not only during hot summer months!

    It's Important to Remember

    Icing is not for everyone. Initially, it may leave you with a less than desirable experience: it can burn the skin, damage capillaries and skin cells if not done properly. Simply use a sanitized cloth as a barrier, go slow and move up to your comfort level. If you have sensitive skin or an inflammatory skin condition, use particular caution or seek advice from a professional before including this technique into a regular skin care regimen.

    Ice should never stay on the face for longer than 15 minutes to avoid cellular and capillary damage.

    Do not using retinol products, mechanical, or chemical exfoliation prior to using ice as part of your skin care routine; unless guided by a licensed professional.

    At Simply Nontoxic Cosmetics we aim to demystify and provide sound and healthy advice to care for your skin and keeping skin looking its best. Our goal? To help you remove what we believe are harmful and toxic ingredients from your skincare and cosmetics, and to provide a point of view, beauty tips and techniques, whether they are the latest craze or an age old technique.