Kathleen Blaney, Nurse Practitioner Turned Notox Cosmetics, LLC Founder

Simply Nontoxic Cosmetics (SNT) a brand of Notox Cosmetics, LLC was founded and established by Kathleen Blaney, MSN, ARNP-C in February, 2011, and was re-branded a in 2015. Prior to launching SNT, Kathleen worked as a Nurse and Nurse Practitioner for over 20 years, bringing her extensive understanding of skin care and health to her role as the CEO. Kathleen’s expertise in skin health and her knowledge of the natural, organic, and chemical ingredients used in the cosmetic industry gives her a unique position as the company’s leader.

Kathleen’s inspiration to brand (SNT) came after years of battling with her sensitive skin and rosacea. Paying close attention to ingredients that caused flareups, she started looking for naturally based products that didn’t irritate her skin. Through a process of elimination, she started to identify ingredients that contributed to reactions on her skin and her patients’ skin. By eliminating certain chemicals, she found wounds healed faster, skin reactions, rashes, and dryness were diminishing.

A Quest to Help Women Realize Toxin Free Beauty Products

Kathleen’s successful results with her skin and her patients’ skin fueled her passion to search for toxin free skin care alternatives that contained natural and organic ingredients ingredients. Kathleen discovered products making claims to be free of chemicals and were natural and organic still had skin irritating ingredients.

(SNT) is fully committed to developing toxin free cosmetics and skincare by working with manufacturers that use safe, effective, high-quality natural and organic ingredients. Each formula is hand-picked by Kathleen and thoroughly researched to ensure that no toxins or products harmful to the skin, the environment, and each of the products the (SNT) brand carries are also cruelty free. From the raw ingredients to the processing, you can be confident that every product you use from Simply Nontoxic Cosmetics carries with it a nontoxic promise.

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